Love Like Yours


release date:

M/M Romance (novella)

Sept 13, 2022

Love like yours is seductive…
Mason Naylor is the gruff CEO of Spartan Security and at forty-five, he’s all work. The one light in his life is his friend, Dax Martin – a twenty-seven-year-old Broadway star and the kind-hearted man he’s secretly in love with. But their age gap and the fear that Dax is ready to move on to a Hollywood career has Mason holding tight to his long-held feelings. 
Love like yours is sweet…
 Dax Martin is a Broadway actor on the rise. He’s endured his share of personal struggles over the past year, but he’s come out stronger. Dax knows the sensitive man behind Mason’s badass exterior and his longtime crush can’t wait another minute. What’s a little white lie if it means helping the man you love realize what’s right in front of him? 
All’s fair in love because…Love like yours is everything. 

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