Novel affair



NY Nights

MM Contemporary Romance

It started as a novel affair…
Ryker Desoumas is a science-fiction novelist living in New York City. A former crime reporter with a secret trauma, he prefers to work—and live—alone. He’s intense, sarcastic and likes his routine. Until one New York night changes everything…
Wes Stewart is a celebrity author from Toronto. Charming, funny, and always eager for an audience, he’s looking for something exciting to rekindle his passion for the craft. 
When Ryker’s publisher pitches a collaboration between the two men, Wes is all for it. Ryker, on the other hand, resists and fears that Wes will turn his quiet world upside down. But Wes is sexy and charismatic, and Ryker can't help being drawn to him. A tentative professional partnership sparks something much more personal.
But Wes has been burned by love in the past, and Ryker isn't sure he's ready to let someone into his heart. Can these two writers craft their own HEA? could be the love of a lifetime.

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